Email Marketing
& Automation

Effective email as a means of communication

We offer a solution to get buyers to keep coming back to your website. Like with classic marketing, we achieve this by working with you to create a sustainable loyalty-building action for your clients and prospects, but leveraging the use of email. Despite the growing popularity of social media, email in Quebec is still as relevant and profitable. In fact, over 65% of Quebecers use email as their personal means of communication. Therefore, we make use of this media channel to sustain a long-term and personalized relationship with your clients, but much more economically than with direct mail. We will guide you in developing an effective content marketing strategy to reach your clients and boost their loyalty, making you the pivot point of a digital-human relationship.


Nexmail is your platform for sending mass emails. We will assist you in the writing and scheduling of sending your newsletters in order to reach as many potential customers as possible while respecting Canadian anti-spam laws. Nexmail tools allow you to analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns, from the opening of emails by the customer to all clicks or shares made on the content.

Reports and Analysis

Be aware of everything your subscribers do when they receive your emails, from opening the emails to any clicks or shares made on the content. Modify your campaigns according to the analyzed behaviors to generate more interest among your customers.

Segmentation tools

Take advantage of advanced segmentation tools to target your newsletters to specific groups. Create personalized content according to your audiences based on their interests and increase your engagement rate with your subscribers.

Registration forms

Nexmail facilitates the collection of emails from potential customers through registration or contact forms placed on your website. The collected emails can thus be added to email marketing campaigns with personalized content to reach your subscribers.

Respect of anti-spam laws

Nexmail ensures that emails sent comply with Canadian anti-spam laws, by adding an unsubscribe link for example, and by remaining compliant with respect to the privacy of subscribers.

Customizable content

Create your newsletters from our templates, or design your own in our Drag & Drop visual email maker. Reach more customers with dynamic and engaging personalized content and increase the engagement rate of your subscribers.

Automated emails

With Nexmail, your contacts are easily imported and managed automatically. Your marketing emails are sent automatically to your subscribers without you having to do anything.


The digital-human relationship path

Our professional and personalized human-oriented approach allows you to approach your customers in a respectful and confident manner, and to ensure a lasting bond through a series of relational emails that will provide them with confidence and satisfaction and increase your rate of return. 




Competitive price: pay only for what you send

Self-serve access for your team and your client's team

Customer-specific customization and content

Separate billing by client and by campaign

Multiple users with administrative role

Attractive modifiable templates with dynamic content

Double opt-in CASL compliance

Payable by credit card

Increased conversions 

Automatic strategic emails

No software management fees

Detailed statistics and analytics

Custom form creation and management

Whitelabel available

Contact list easily imported and managed


Competitive price: pay only for what you send

✓ Separate billing by client and by campaign

✓ Self-serve access for your team and your client's team

✓ Customer-specific customization and content

✓ Double opt-in CASL compliance

✓ Payable by credit card

✓ Multiple users with administrative role

✓ Attractive modifiable templates with dynamic content

✓ Automatic strategic emails

✓ No software management fees

✓ Detailed statistics and analytics

✓ Increased conversions 

✓ Custom form creation and management

✓ Whitelabel available

✓ Contact list easily imported and managed


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